Monday, 23 June 2008

12 Reasons -08 Mix-tape

Usually I post old stuff here but today as a homeage to the buzzcock-bootleg "Twelve Reasons" I made this mix-tape of 12 favourites of 2008 releases. There all awesome so check 'em out!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Shoegazers needs feedback 3 - Various Artists

The third of four compilations of shoegazers to celebrate the return of My Bloody Valentine.

Shoegazer needs feedback 3:
Drain Cosmetics / Serena Maneesh
Too Many Times / Ceremony
Never Understand / The Jesus and Mary Chain
Don't Slip / Meat Whiplash
See Me Feel / The Charlottes
Wear This Dress / Skywave
To Fix the Gash In Your Head / A Place To Bury Strangers
When You're Sad / AR Kane
Why Won't You Talk About It? / The Radio Dept.
She Screamed / Ultra Vivid Scene
Temporal / Secret Shine
Right Now / Bailter Space
Take Them Out / South Ambulance
Geraldine / Glasvegas
Sleeper / Malory
Like An Ion / Sciflyer
23 / Blonde Redhead
Vanishing act / Monster Movie
What Is Left Unsaid / Moscow Olympics
You'll Never Get That Guy / The Manhattan Love Suicide
Sun Is Cruising / The Fauns
The Means / Bethany Curve
Black Sun / Loop
Follow Mine / A Beautiful Machine
Gravity Grave / The Verve

Download here and here

Shoegazers needs feedback 2 - Various Artists

Here is the second of four compilation of shoegazers.

Shoegazers needs feedback 2:
For Ex-Lovers Only / Black Tambourine
Balloon / Catherine Wheel
Like Flowers At Night / Panda Riot
Zodalovers / Pia Fraus
Tidals / Air Formation
Never See You Smile / The Airfields
On Our Own / The Meeting Places
Sisters / Blind Mr.Jones
Thinktank / Airiel
Glass In My Mouth / Highspire
The Soft Attack / The Daysleepers
Hakuchume / Cruyff In The Bedroom
Angelica Take Me Down / Alcian Blue
To Myself / Sianspheric
Over Driver / Astrobrite
Satellite / Fleeting Joys
On High / Soundpool
Two Wonderful Stars / The Curtain Society
Thursday / Asobi Seksu
You Know Nothing, You Try Too Hard / How Do I
Chance / Mahogany
Hearts on Fire / Rumskib
* / m83
On My Own / Ulrich Schnauss
More Like Space / Seefeel

Download here and here

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Shoegazers needs feedback 1 - Various Artists

To celebrate the return of My Bloody Valentine I have compiled a Top 100 of shoegazers. This is an all time favourite list of mine. It's one artist one song and it's more feedback than spacy dreampop here. Thanx alot to blogs like Shoegazer Alive and OriaNi_K to help me find some old and new favs. If you like this check em out.

Shoegazers needs feedback 1 :
You Made Me Realise / My Bloody Valentine
Sometime Soon She Said / The Boo Radleys
Taste / Ride
Slowdive / Slowdive
She Rides The Waves / Pale Saints
Time baby II / Medicine
Coward / Moonshake
Crystal Eyes / The Nightblooms
There Is No Floor / The Telescopes
Wish / Flying Saucer Attack
Mother Sky / Th’ Faith Healers
Pancake / The Swirlies
Winona / Drop Nineteens
Jack / Moose
Sunshine Smile / Adorable
Sugar Your Mind / Swallow
Leaves Me Cold / Lush
Galaxy / Curve
Never Lose That Feeling / Swervedriver
Feel The Same / Chapterhouse
Heaven Sent An Angel / Revolver
I Want You / Spiritualized
Sand On Fire / Kitchens Of Distinction
Ginger / Lilys
Hazel Would / Starflyer 59

Download here and here