Wednesday, 28 January 2009

SR7 (Synthezisers Rules 1979-1985) – Various Artists


A new year has arrived and at last I have got some time to post something on IWSBM. So here is the final syntheziser rules compilation
. On number seven I have collected 25 scandinavian gems. It's streched up to 1985 to include some personal favourites.

1. Organ/Organ
2. Venuksesta itään/Argon
3. Happy Funural/Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons
4. Betongklump in i Fönstret/Ståålfågel
5. Dansande Man/Page
6. Under Your Control/Seppuku
7. Life In A Goldfish Bowl/Baard
8. To Night/Cosmic Overdose
9. Boy/Twice A Man
10. Bettan Står i Baren/Dc Pöbeln
11. Stadvisan/Njurmännen
12. Hjärtan Av Glas/Odd Stories
13. Tristess No. 3/GPJ
14. John/Dom Dummaste
15. Pablo Picasso/Martin Rössel & Dum Dum Boys
16. Knust Knekt/Svart Klovn
17. Tap Dance for Scientists/Fra Lippo Lippi
18. Oral Pleasure/3rd Man
19. The Aerage Life/Moral
20. I Throw Punches/Friz Be
21. Soldier Toy/Holy Toy
22. Lebensraum/Bitch Boys
23. Slow Death/Leather Nun
24. Flowers of Evil/Cortex
25. Blinkar Blå/Adolphson & Falk

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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

SR6 (Synthezisers Rules 1978-1983) - Various Artists

Number six in the SR series is more of the English speaking stuff.

1. The Condos/Iron Curtain
2. Another Reason/Five Or Six
3. Sordide Affair/Richard Bone
4. Clone/Greg Vandike
5. Do Different Dances/Spoon Fazer
6. Airways/Reducers
7. Certain Reality/Modern Mannequins
8. Video Boys/Circuit 7
9. Across the Fence/Portion Control
10. Synthesize/Autumn
11. T.V. Me/The Distributors
12. Berlin/Blue Sound
13. Collision of Sex/Burlesque
14. Fade/League of Nations
15. All Rights Reserved/Fred
16. Breakdown/Carol
17. Hands In The Dark/R.L. Crutchfield's Dark Day
18. Useless Information/Thealonian Music
19. Urban Catastrophy/Ensemble Pittoresque
20. Airlines/Our Daughters Wedding
21. Nite Time Rhythm/One Plus One
22. Is All I Need/The Naughtiest Girl Was a Monitor
23. You Think/Xex
24. Is There An Exit/Absolute Body Control
25. Thank You/Chrisma

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Thursday, 23 October 2008

R. Stevie Moore - Hobbies Galore His Best Sixteen (Lostfrog 2005)

Before I post another SR compilation I just have to give you this link to this free compilation of the D.I.Y. King R. Stevie Moore. has made this available and it's full of fantastic pop. A really good start to the world of R. Stevie Moore.

1. I Wanna Hit You
2. Puttin' Up The Groceries
3. Don't Let Me Go To The Dogs
4. I Go Into Your Mind
5. Play Myself Some Music
6. Schoolgirl
7. I've Begun To Fall In Love
8. Ethan Sequence
9. I Want You In My Life
10. Why Should I Love You
11. I Hope That You Remember
12. Norway
13. Sort Of Way
14. Dewey Decimal System
15. I Wish I Could Sing
16. Hobbies Galore

Download here

Read about R. Stevie Moore here and here

Friday, 17 October 2008

SR5 (Synthesizers Rules 1978-1983) - Various Artists

This compilation has the strange synth stuff. It's not industrial more on the popside of weirdness. Actually it's a lot of fun. Here it is anyway.

1. D'ya Think I'm Sexy?/Hybrid Kids
2. Picassos on the Wall/Van Kaye + Ignit
3. Cardboard Lamb/Crash Course In Science
4. Let's Kill Each Other/Surplus Stock
5. Sentimental/Those Little Aliens
6. Party/Polyphonic Size
7. 12-Bar-64/AD Conspiracy
8. Pulp Baby/Systematics
9. Beak/Monitor
10. In The Army/Blah Blah Blah
11. Gerry and The Holograms/Gerry and The Holograms
12. Constantinople/The Residents
13. My Life 1.2.3/Picky Picnic
14. Get Away Dark Side/Roter Rot
15. Midnight Train/Ende Shneafliet
16. The Asthma Game/Brian Brain
17. Time/Minny Pops
18. Precious/I.U.D.
19. Nothing There/Easter and the Totem
20. It Never Rains In Outer Space/Futurhythm
21. Get Away Wisdom/Zyx
22. Ecraser La Vermine/Ptose
23. Paedophile Information Exchange/Esplendor Geometrico
24. Ringing In The Sane/Ceramic Hello
25. The Model/Snakefinger

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SR4 (Synthesizers Rules 1978-1983) - Various Artists

Number four looks at the Germans. It's some fun stuff here and again wonderful pop. And absolutely no Body!

1. Kebabtraume/D.A.F.
2. Da Vorne Steht Ne Ampel/Der Plan
3. Wir Sind Glücklich/Stahlnetz
4. Ich Komme Aus der DDR/Gleitzeit
5. Erde 80/Christog Glowalla
6. Deutsches Mädchen/The Actor
7. Deutschland Brennt/D.U.R.
8. Sentimental/Träneninvasion
9. Weißes Haus/Monopol
10. Die Gesunden Kommen/Die Gesunden
11. Tausend Jahre/Zwischenfall
12. Berühren/Profil
13. Spiegelbild/Gorilla Aktiv
14. Macht Mich Gluecklich Wie Nie/Palais Schaumburg
15. Raumkrank/Im Namen des Volkes
16. Die Wespendomina/Die Dominas
17. Rosa Brille/Deutsche Schäferhunde
18. Verlangen/Matthias Schuster
19. Fluß/Rheingold
20. ..Und Es Geht Ab/Piefke & Pafke
21. Fred Vom Jupiter/Die Doraus & Die Marinas
22. Jupp Pütta/Bottroper Hammerchor
23. Angriff Auf's Schlaraffenland /Die Radierer
24. Hiroshima/Säurekeller
25. Der Kommissar/The Wirtschaftswunder

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SR3 (Synthesizers Rules 1978-1983) - Various Artists

The next one out in the SR series has the French (well some are actually Germans) in focus. New Wavish and some instrumental but still very pop. Voila!

1. Mercenaire Solitaire/Moderne
2. Poupée De Circe, Poupée De Con/Jeanette und das Land Z
3. Pilotes/Performance
4. Rien Ne Va Plus/Bal Paré
5. Exposition Partie 5/Phillippe Laurent
6. So Young But So Cold/KaS Product
7. Disco Rough/Mathematiques Modernes
8. Pakmovast/Telex
9. Generator (Laserbeam)/Tim Blake
10. Magic Fly/Space
11. 20h25/C K C
12. La Machine à Rêver/X Ray Pop
13. Pretty Day/Marie Moor
14. Ersatz/Guerre Froide
15. La Manege/Pavillon 7b
16. If I´m Not A Killer/End Of Data
17. Visions/Fall Of Saigon
18. Your Passion/Martin Dupont
19. Carnival/Metal Boys
20. Euroman/J.J. Burnell
21. S.O.S. Mannekin/Taxi Girl
22. Touche Pas Mon Sexe/The Comix
23. La Transformation/Guyer's Connection
24. Cocaina Vitamina/ADN CKrystall
25. Cosmic Race/Rockets

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