Friday, 17 October 2008

SR5 (Synthesizers Rules 1978-1983) - Various Artists

This compilation has the strange synth stuff. It's not industrial more on the popside of weirdness. Actually it's a lot of fun. Here it is anyway.

1. D'ya Think I'm Sexy?/Hybrid Kids
2. Picassos on the Wall/Van Kaye + Ignit
3. Cardboard Lamb/Crash Course In Science
4. Let's Kill Each Other/Surplus Stock
5. Sentimental/Those Little Aliens
6. Party/Polyphonic Size
7. 12-Bar-64/AD Conspiracy
8. Pulp Baby/Systematics
9. Beak/Monitor
10. In The Army/Blah Blah Blah
11. Gerry and The Holograms/Gerry and The Holograms
12. Constantinople/The Residents
13. My Life 1.2.3/Picky Picnic
14. Get Away Dark Side/Roter Rot
15. Midnight Train/Ende Shneafliet
16. The Asthma Game/Brian Brain
17. Time/Minny Pops
18. Precious/I.U.D.
19. Nothing There/Easter and the Totem
20. It Never Rains In Outer Space/Futurhythm
21. Get Away Wisdom/Zyx
22. Ecraser La Vermine/Ptose
23. Paedophile Information Exchange/Esplendor Geometrico
24. Ringing In The Sane/Ceramic Hello
25. The Model/Snakefinger

Download here


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