Wednesday, 28 January 2009

SR7 (Synthezisers Rules 1979-1985) – Various Artists


A new year has arrived and at last I have got some time to post something on IWSBM. So here is the final syntheziser rules compilation
. On number seven I have collected 25 scandinavian gems. It's streched up to 1985 to include some personal favourites.

1. Organ/Organ
2. Venuksesta itään/Argon
3. Happy Funural/Kitchen And The Plastic Spoons
4. Betongklump in i Fönstret/Ståålfågel
5. Dansande Man/Page
6. Under Your Control/Seppuku
7. Life In A Goldfish Bowl/Baard
8. To Night/Cosmic Overdose
9. Boy/Twice A Man
10. Bettan Står i Baren/Dc Pöbeln
11. Stadvisan/Njurmännen
12. Hjärtan Av Glas/Odd Stories
13. Tristess No. 3/GPJ
14. John/Dom Dummaste
15. Pablo Picasso/Martin Rössel & Dum Dum Boys
16. Knust Knekt/Svart Klovn
17. Tap Dance for Scientists/Fra Lippo Lippi
18. Oral Pleasure/3rd Man
19. The Aerage Life/Moral
20. I Throw Punches/Friz Be
21. Soldier Toy/Holy Toy
22. Lebensraum/Bitch Boys
23. Slow Death/Leather Nun
24. Flowers of Evil/Cortex
25. Blinkar Blå/Adolphson & Falk

Download here