Friday, 17 October 2008

SR3 (Synthesizers Rules 1978-1983) - Various Artists

The next one out in the SR series has the French (well some are actually Germans) in focus. New Wavish and some instrumental but still very pop. Voila!

1. Mercenaire Solitaire/Moderne
2. Poupée De Circe, Poupée De Con/Jeanette und das Land Z
3. Pilotes/Performance
4. Rien Ne Va Plus/Bal Paré
5. Exposition Partie 5/Phillippe Laurent
6. So Young But So Cold/KaS Product
7. Disco Rough/Mathematiques Modernes
8. Pakmovast/Telex
9. Generator (Laserbeam)/Tim Blake
10. Magic Fly/Space
11. 20h25/C K C
12. La Machine à Rêver/X Ray Pop
13. Pretty Day/Marie Moor
14. Ersatz/Guerre Froide
15. La Manege/Pavillon 7b
16. If I´m Not A Killer/End Of Data
17. Visions/Fall Of Saigon
18. Your Passion/Martin Dupont
19. Carnival/Metal Boys
20. Euroman/J.J. Burnell
21. S.O.S. Mannekin/Taxi Girl
22. Touche Pas Mon Sexe/The Comix
23. La Transformation/Guyer's Connection
24. Cocaina Vitamina/ADN CKrystall
25. Cosmic Race/Rockets

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