Tuesday, 4 November 2008

SR6 (Synthezisers Rules 1978-1983) - Various Artists

Number six in the SR series is more of the English speaking stuff.

1. The Condos/Iron Curtain
2. Another Reason/Five Or Six
3. Sordide Affair/Richard Bone
4. Clone/Greg Vandike
5. Do Different Dances/Spoon Fazer
6. Airways/Reducers
7. Certain Reality/Modern Mannequins
8. Video Boys/Circuit 7
9. Across the Fence/Portion Control
10. Synthesize/Autumn
11. T.V. Me/The Distributors
12. Berlin/Blue Sound
13. Collision of Sex/Burlesque
14. Fade/League of Nations
15. All Rights Reserved/Fred
16. Breakdown/Carol
17. Hands In The Dark/R.L. Crutchfield's Dark Day
18. Useless Information/Thealonian Music
19. Urban Catastrophy/Ensemble Pittoresque
20. Airlines/Our Daughters Wedding
21. Nite Time Rhythm/One Plus One
22. Is All I Need/The Naughtiest Girl Was a Monitor
23. You Think/Xex
24. Is There An Exit/Absolute Body Control
25. Thank You/Chrisma

Download: here


Karl said...

thank you for the beautiful "synthezisers rules" compilations - ambitious distillation of the "synth sea" out there!

strieb_griebling said...

Just found your blog while trying to find Skywave's album (and thanks for that too) and then I find all these synthesizer comps too. Excellent stuff.